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The International Conservation Society - A Nonprofit Environmental Organization (NGO)

Rainforest Conservation: By the International Conservation Society

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Rainforest Conservation: By the International Conservation Society
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Welcome to the International Conservation Society's Rainforest Conservation Page.


Rainforests are also among our most beautiful environmental blessings. Their biodiversity is amazing. In some cases the number of species still has not been able to be counted.


Many of these rainforests have been and are being obliterated for the development of plantations, ranches, homes, etc. Deforestation through irresponsible and illegal logging is also a prime reason the forests are being annihilated.


The rainforest is the most difficult of all ecosystems to repair or replace once it is damaged or destroyed, its topsoil simply consists of thin and nutrient rich humus. This is created by decomposing leaves fallen from the forest canopy. As the forests are destroyed their roots no longer hold the humus in place and it disappears. The soil beneath is utterly devoid of nutrients, so once it is gone it is impossible for plants to grow in that location again. This makes preventive rainforest conservation of paramount importance.


Thousands of acres of rainforests are cleared every day to set aside lands for cash crops. Among these are coffee, chocolate, rubber, and, believe it or not, cocaine.


It is most particularly appalling that the government should stand for deforestation to grow cocaine. In South America, however, it is the drug cartels that have all the money and power and are, indeed, the de facto government. The elected officials are afraid to stand up to them, and are often on their payrolls. They also are the primary employers in many areas, and those working for them depend on these barbaric, remorseless monsters for a means of support.


America is the largest consumer of cocaine. The cartels are bribing our DEA agents and government officials to allow it to continue to infiltrate our borders. It is happening in virtually every country in the world. Thus are rainforest conservation efforts being further frustrated. Where does it end?


Stand up for tougher penalties against the sale, distribution and possession of drugs, particularly cocaine and others that are produced at the expense of the rain forest. Demand capital punishment for drug dealers, both in your nation and theirs. Lobby for military intervention, if necessary, to stop the cartels. Say no to drugs. Click on the links below to rally and stop the cartels before they destroy our most precious, beautiful and biodiverse terrestrial ecosystem.  


Also demand preservation, sensible rainforest conservation practices, and sustainable agriculture  in the countries where coffee is grown, such as Columbia and Indonesia. Do not tolerate the eradication of the rainforests and their magnificent biodiversity. Click on the rainfores conservation links below to learn more and take action.

The Rainforest Alliance offers a complete worldwide rainforest site. All you need should be right here.

Mongabay's outstanding pictorial rainforest guide

Comprehensive guide to the Costa Rican rainforest

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