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The International Conservation Society - A Nonprofit Environmental Organization (NGO)

International Conservation Society Ujung Genteng/Sea Turtle Preserve Tour

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Ujung Genteng is what coastal preservation should be all about. In stark contrast to the tourist resorts in places like Bali, there are still goats and cattle running up and down the beach, and the roads have yet to be fully paved.

Froma distance this looks like a dog
but it's really a lilttle baby goat

The water is clear and blue and the sand is powder-white. There is an old Japanese fort in the water at one of the beaches, as well as a sea turtle preserve.


The beach itself is magnificent, still inhabited by sea snakes and monitor lizards, as well as lionfish swimming in the reefs.




The sea turtle preserve in Pangumbahan, Ujung Genteng is one of the most amazing conservation facilities we had ever been privileged to witness. Simplistic and devoid of technology- they don’t even have any kind of computers or testing facilities, yet it performs its function- to preserve a species- admirably and effectively.


It was amazing indeed to see the sea turtles come ashore by the light of the moon, trudge their way almost 100 meters up the beach, dig a hole in the sand, lay over 100 eggs and bury them again.


The eggs are collected in large barrels and constantly monitored by security to protect them from the threat of egg collectors. We were pleased and proud to be able to make a contribution and laud the staff on their extraordinary labor of love. We would, however, urge that anybody in the area monitor the activities to make sure that none of the eggs get sold. Corruption, unfortunately, is a cancerous way of life here and permeates every aspect of the government with its vile, corrosive stench.



We welcome and appreciate all donations. Please feel free to give as much or as little as you like.

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We are currently located at:
Indra Valley Inn,
Bukit Lawang
Near the entrance to the Gunung Leuser National Park's Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Yangshuo, Guilin, China