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The International Conservation Society - A Nonprofit Environmental Organization (NGO)

International Conservation Society's Forest Conservation Page

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Let us preserve the beauty of our world's forests

Welcome to the International Conservation Society's Forest Conservation Page.


There are various types of forests, but their common element is trees. The trees serve a number of purposes, from providing oxygen and shelter to animals, to holding soil in place, to forming a canopy to protect the organisms therein from too much light and heat.


The forest is composed not only of the trees, however, but also of all organisms making their home there. As in all ecosystems, all species living therein are interdependent on all others. Forest conservation is therefore vital to the balance of nature and to sustaining life on this planet.


The key to this is sustainable exploitation. Whether it be from the harvest of timber mining, hunting, land development or any other use of a forest’s resources, it must all be done with sustainability in mind. Some means of forest conservation to ensure this sustainable harvesting include preservation, planting trees, responsible logging practices, and proper pollution control and waste disposal techniques.


For more information on the various types of forests, why we depend on them and how to preserve them click on the forest conservation links below.

The Forest Conservation Portal- a comprehensive sites with links concerning every type of forest in every location throughout the world

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