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The International Conservation Society - A Nonprofit Environmental Organization (NGO)

Conservation & Ecotourism In Thailand

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Thailand is among the world's most intriguing nations in terms of both natural and cultural resources. Its centuries-old traditions in some places remain unchanged by the hands of time, as do the pristine rainforests and beaches, many of which are still in their primeval states.


Sunny, azure beaches with rich reefs are the perfect sanctuary for diving and snorkeling, or for just lazaing on the beach under the palm fronds and enjoying the unspoiled beauty. Thailand's coastline is among the most picturesque and biodiverse of any on earth.


The rainforests are just as pristine, boasting some of the most incredible variety of flora and fauna to be found on the globe. Among these are a huge variety of lush rainforest vegetation and a plethora of animal species including tigers, monkeys, elephants, monitors, and much, much more.



Thailand's cultural resources are something special indeed. Standing out on the horizons are temples of all shapes and sizes in eclectic abundance. These are contrasted with the lights and dazzle of Bangkok in perpetual motion. Ubiquitous among these contrasting surroundings are lovely indigenous people whose dress and dance are nothing short of majestic.

Yet all of these resources are under a barrage of threats. These include illegal logging, illegal pet trade, the displacement of indigenous people by mining companies, pollution, disruption of the environment by gas and oil companies, etc.
To take a stand or learn more click on the links below.


Econews Thailand provides a comprehensive list of updated information about Thai environmental issues.

Ecology Asia's flora and fauna page for Southeast Asia

Bangkok Post's environmental volunteer link

Complete guide to all variety of diving/snorkeling, trekking, and other eco-adventure tours in Thailand


Featured Tour: Phi-Phi islands snorkeling and diving getaway. Explore what has been referred to as an underwater Garden of Eden. Includes lots of caves, sharks, coral, and much, much more. Click on the pictures for more information or to book.  

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We are currently located at:
Indra Valley Inn,
Bukit Lawang
Near the entrance to the Gunung Leuser National Park's Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Yangshuo, Guilin, China