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The International Conservation Society - A Nonprofit Environmental Organization (NGO)

International Conservation Society's Clean Air Conservation Page

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This is how the smog over California looks from
outer space

Welcome to the International Conservation Society's Air Conservation Page .Air is arguably the most vital natural resource. We cannot live without it more than a matter of scant minutes. Yet it is perhaps the most unmercifully abused resource of all.

Note how the smog from Jakarta's traffic severely
reduces visibility even on a sunny mid-afternoon. People are breathing this:(
Notwithstanding the vitality of clean air conservation many politicians and greedy corporations are working together to try to weaken the clean air act and other air conservation legislation. Read and click below to find out what you can do to demand clean air conservation.

Automobiles, factories and farms are all guilty of contaminating the air we breathe. In many third world cities there are literally millions of automobiles on the road at a given time, with little or no automotive emissions regulations. Buses belch black soot, and one cannot walk around an urban area like Jakarta or Manila without having one’s face covered by a grungy film.


Factories, as well, are among the leading offenders. Often governments fail to legislate or enforce restrictions on factory emissions because the corporations who run them provide the biggest bribes or campaign contributions.


This continues because nobody calls them on it. Please, for heaven’s sake, let’s stand up and do something about it. Let's DEMAND clean air conservation. We’ve been led to believe that they are bigger than we and we cannot stop them, but that is simply not true. There is strength in numbers, and we overwhelmingly outnumber them if we will but unite and stand firm in the cause of air conservation. It's time to say "no" to air pollution.

Below are some links to organizations promoting clean air and air conservation.  

The clean air trust fund is actually organized by U.S. Senators. You can't get a more direct lobbying link than that.

Save the clean air act. This link provides a well-written petition to congress requesting that air pollution control standards be maintained along with a comprehensive clean air act related website.

We welcome and appreciate all donations. Please feel free to give as much or as little as you like.

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